ADSL Capped

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is fast becoming a SOHO and Business commodity. ADSL technology enables you to transmit digital information at high speeds on exsiting phone lines. Unlike conventional dialup services, ADSL provides a permanent, always on high speed connection. ADSL simultaneously accommodates analogue (voice) information on the same line, allowing you to make telephone calls while connected to the Internet.

1Gb Account R99.00 R55.00
3Gb Account R99.00 R165.00
5Gb Account R99.00 R275.00
10Gb Account R99.00 R550.00
15Gb Account R99.00 R825.00
20Gb Account R99.00 R1100.00
Top Up Pricing / Gb - R65.00
Telkom ADSL 384Kbps* R543.91 R145.00
Telkom ADSL 512bps* R543.91 R310.00
Telkom ADSL 4096Kbps* R543.91 R395.00
Telkom ADSL 384Kbps +1 Gb Data R200.00
Telkom ADSL 384Kbps +3 Gb Data R310.00
Telkom ADSL 512Kbps +1 Gb Data R365.00
Telkom ADSL 512Kbps +3 Gb Data R475.00
Telkom ADSL 4096Kbps +1 Gb Data R450.00
Telkom ADSL 4096Kbps +3 Gb Data R560.00


Network Associates provide the ISP portion of your ADSL line, this service is authenticated on the Telkom ADSL exchange. In order for us to deliver this service, you will require one of the following access only lines from Telkom:


F1 DSL up to 384Kbps at R145 / month
Downstream minimum: 256kbps, maximum 384kbps. Upstream minimum 64Kbps, maximum 128Kbps
F2 DSL up to 512Kbps at R310 / month
Downstream minimum 416kbps, maximum 512kbps. Upstream minimum 192Kbps, maximum 256Kbps
F3 DSL up to 4096Kbps at R395 / month
Downstream minimum 640Kbps, maximum 4096Kbps. Upstream minimum 256Kbps, maximum 512Kbps

Telkom charge a once off DSL line installation fee of R543.91

DSL speeds cannot be guaranteed due to factors including line length, copper quality and network availability.

The speed profiles for the DSL services change as per the profiles listed below. The speed of the service is the line sync speed between the modem and the Telkom exchange equipment.

The F3 DSL service has 4 sub-profiles, which are used to stabilise customers' service that experience re-synch (service interuptions) on their ADSL lines due to last mile distance, noise and attenuation. Therefore customers that experience problems on the service may be accommodated on any of the secondary profiles below:

  • If you have an existing telephone line (excl prepaid phones, ISDN lines or if you are running a PABX through the line) we can apply for your ADSL on your behalf through Telkom and bill you the monthly line rental fee saving you up to 5% monthly.
  • On our One Price ADSL, you as the client can bundle any ADSL line speed with any package we offer, however you would have to use specified router for our One Price Accounts amd this also saving you up tpo5% on the monthly line rental.
  • If you have an existing ADSL line, we can migrate/transfer the line over to Network Associates and we can bill you the monthly fee saving you up to 5% on your monthly line rental change in comparison with Telkom standard line rental charges.

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