Dynamic Uncapped ADSL

Dynamic Uncapped ADSL is perfect for home use.


Dynamic Uncapped ADSL 384k R192.10
Dynamic Uncapped ADSL 512k R262.28
Dynamic Uncapped ADSL 4096k R472.00
*Price does not include Telkom ADSL line



  • Dynamic IP Address
  • International Bandwidth over Fibre cables
  • 384 kbps, 512 kbps and 4 mbps line speeds available
  • Shaped Sevice
  • 1 concurrent connection allowed, for multiple users



  • Uncapped, no data transfer limits or cap
  • Month to month contract
  • No setup or once off fees
  • Fast to install
  • Use existing ADSL modem, or purchase modem from us

  • This is a SHAPED service (bandwidth is shaped so that essential email/browsing/ftp protocols get normal speed, whilst Peer2Peer, File sharing get lower priority)
  • Dynamic IP addresses (No static IP addresses allowed)
  • International bandwidth over undersea fibre cable
  • Only 1 concurrent connection, from 1 adsl line allowed
  • Telkom ADSL line required
  • Cancellation or migration require 1 calendar months notice
  • Internet Solutions fair usage policy may apply for users that abuse this service
  • Above pricing excludes VAT

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