Cabling & Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the term used to describe the connections (and hardware behind those connections) linking computers. At the moment we have two commonly used standards; wired and wireless.


This network connects together using typical cat 5 network cable. An example of such a network would include; a small to large company that have all their computers hardwired (physically connected) to each other. Advantages of wired networks are the stability and reliability to mention a few.
Disadvantages would be the lack of mobility and sometimes the installation costs.


This network uses wireless signals, similar to cell phones, to connect the computers together. A typical scenario would be; a home network or a coffee shop where the computers connects to the Wireless Access point.
Advantages would include the mobility and setup speed, and sometimes the cost of the installation. Disadvantage of wireless networks includes interference from other devices, such as cordless phones, microwave ovens and other wireless networks.

At Network Associates we take pride to the fact that our IT Experts are proficient in both Wired and Wireless Technologies. We even have a dedicated team that can install any type of network. So, whatever your connectivity needs may be, Network associates can help you make the right connections.

Contact us during your preparation stages of designing and developing your building, or new offices and we will provide advice and consultation to your architects and shopfitters.

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