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Cloud computing

Cloud computing gives your business the flexibility it needs to grow. Our rapidly deployable collocation space, virtual servers or firewall services extend your business into the cloud, providing unprecedented reach into global markets.

The cloud has been developed to give your businesses the flexibility and agility to grow or shrink as you evolve. Our rapidly deployable collocation space, virtual servers or firewalls services extend your business into the cloud allowing you unprecedented reach into African and Global markets. With our medium agnostic data centres, your workforce, clients or partners can access your data securely from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Computing is still seen as a relatively complex technology evolution, although many organisations are rapidly realising the benefits of moving in this direction. Cloud Services encompasses a combination of collocation, security, Software as a Service and managed services. These ensure that your business can move to a solution that is fully managed and allows the true Cloud benefits to be realised.

Cloud offering

We offer the full suite of hosting and security solutions, including shared collocation space, managed virtual servers and firewalls, and vaulted environments. With multiple, robust, content-rich, world class data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and the United Kingdom, clients are able to choose geographically suitable locations for their primary, and data recovery environments.

IS offers a number of managed services that integrate into the hosting environment, such as content delivery network services, managed backups, hardware monitoring, managed SAN storage, managed hosting, OS patching, website statistics, SQL environments, and streaming. With the correct combination of services, our solutions are designed to offer clients peace of mind and the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

New technology and strategic thinking

Proven technologies are continuously tested against new ideas to ensure that clients always have access to the best solutions to meet their requirements.

Our Cloud Services team combines the latest technology with years of cloud technology experience to provide your business with complete solutions that simplify the move to Cloud Computing and provide peace of mind from the transition phase to final implementation.

Some of Cloud Services Offered:

  • Online Backups
  • SQL Server Hosted Environments
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail Solutions
  • Website Hosting
  • WAN & VPN Networks for Head-Office – Branch Scenarios

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