Network Security Software

Network security is not just one thing, but rather a compilation of a number of products and good practises.


A good antivirus will protect your computer from viruses that are transmitted via your network from other computers.

At Network Associates we only use the best products, such as Symantec Endpoint Security. We won't sell any item or product to our customers; that we are not prepared to use ourselves.

Network/internet use policy

This forms part of the company's HR Policies and Procedures. We can provide the necessary legal documentation to enforce a usage policy that will protect your company.

Our Usage policies are available for Coporates, Small & Medium Businesses as well as Educational Institutions such as Primary and High Schools.

Software updates

Proactive Maintenance is not only about ensuring that the correct security patches and procedures are applied daily and weekly, but to ensure that the entire software suite that the organization uses is protected, up to date and legal. Illegal software could not only result in heft fines being paid by your organization, but it also compromises your security.

User knowledge

Have you ever shared confidential information over your network, intended only for the finance department only, but ended up sharing it with the whole network?

Network Associates can solve your problem. Not only will we do a free network security assessment for you, but we can also provide training to your staff at your office premises. This will ensure a safe data sharing environment keeping your data safe and secure.

Implementation of best practices for security, file sharing, user accounts and restrictions.

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