Maintenance Agreements & Checklist

Just like you vehicles, your IT equipment and Network needs regular maintenance to perform at its peak. With our scheduled maintenance plans, you can have peace of mind in knowing that routine tasks are carried our proactively, preventing downtime from failures, and making sure your business becomes more profitable.

Maintenance Options

We offer onsite support on a per call-out basis or through a proactive maintenance contract. Our maintenance contracts are either a fixed amount of hours per month or "uncapped".

The "uncapped" contract runs on a predetermined schedule, at a predetermined time window that will suite your business hours. Any call-outs outside the schedule time window will be covered in the uncapped agreement. These packages will allow you to budget your expenses in advance and eliminate any unforeseen running costs.

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Maintenance Check List

Antivirus and Spyware protection

The threat of ever evolving and new viruses on the internet is sometimes ignored due to a lack of knowledge. Making sure our clients are virus free and up to date is one of Network Associates highest priorities together with their backup systems. Anti Virus solution options?

Backup System – Software

This is one of the most neglected part of any business or home network. One can never have too many backup systems in place. Our tailored made solutions include basic file and data backups, to a complete virtualization running on a VMware solution that will ensure your business has near zero downtime.

Backup System – Hardware

Similar to software failures, hardware is equally prone to failure. A system that focuses solely software backups runs the risks of data corruption if no hardware redundancy is in place. A simple example of this would be a load carrying UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). Not only will a UPS safeguard your systems against power failures and surges, but it will also offer those critical minutes you need to save and shutdown your equipment.

Disaster recovery

Hardware and Software Backups in place, but what good are they without the third and final key solution? Through years of experience, Network Associates have successfully recovered hundreds of customer systems. We have formulated a plan of action for every eventuality, ranging from home businesses recoveries to large corporate domain controller recovery. Your hardware is only as good as the people using it. Without a plan of action, your backup system will not be of any use to you.

What good is a backup or redundancy system if it never gets tested? Part of Network Associates maintenance would be to check these systems, and to make sure they are at a ready state should your system experience a bad day.

Hardware Inspections and preventive maintenance

Regular hardware checks are performed to ensure your hardware will reach optimum life expectancy. These checks include a physical cleanout that will expand the life of your equipment. Physical ailments like overheating can quickly be dealt with before permanent hardware failure occurs.

The hardware is also load tested to ensure it can keep up with the demand of the user. It's pointless to keep running your company on the same server you're installed five years ago.

Statistics show that most equipment needs to be upgraded within the first 18months, and replaced after a three year cycle. If your business depends on fast, accurate calculations it's vital to keep up to date.

Windows updates

Another key aspect of keeping your computers working is to ensure your windows updates are turned on. By checking the windows updates, our IT Experts can quickly install any missed security updates or application patches. This will ensure that your computers protection against new viruses and spyware will have a good change of preventing a successful attack.

Custom Criteria

Our maintenance checklist also includes a custom criterion that will suite your specific IT maintenance requirements. This will ensure that all of your business equipment will be taken care of, allowing you to focus more time on your business.

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